August 29, 2018

SEPT 8: Communities across New York State gear up for events calling on Governor Cuomo, all NY elected officials to Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice

In partnership with the Sept 6 NYC march, communities across the state rise on Sept 8 calling on Gov. Cuomo to halt fracked gas projects, walk the talk on climate

New York — Communities across New York state are announcing plans for a series of coordinated events around September 8 calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo and all New York elected officials to Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice by (1) stopping dangerous fracked gas projects, (2) a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy; and (3) making corporate polluters pay.

Actions across the state will take place in conjunction with the September 6 Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice march in New York City, and in coordination with hundreds of events across the U.S. and around the world ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit.

Many of the New York groups represent grassroots leadership who brought about the 2014 ban on fracking in the state, and organized 2,000 New Yorkers marching together in Albany demanding an end to the ancillary infrastructure of fracking, and a swift and just move to 100% renewables in April of this year. These demands are echoed in the upcoming Rise actions. 55 people were arrested in April sitting-in at the door to Governor Cuomo’s chambers.

Highlights include:

  • In Elmira, on September 8 community members will hold a Flotilla with activists in kayaks and canoes on the Chemung River in the morning, followed by a rally at noon calling on Governor Cuomo to move New York to 100% renewable energy, energy efficiency, and off of fossil fuels.  
  • In Buffalo, communities will have a rally in a public, but gentrified, historic waterfront to reclaim the people’s rights on the land. There will be activity tables and art installations, including maps of Buffalo’s most disadvantaged communities, performances by local artists, tabling by organizations tackling climate change/environmental racism related issues and just/equitable renewable energy agencies.
  • In Albany, residents will rally on September 8 around the 3 demands prioritized across the state, underscoring the need to stop the Sheridan Hollow power plant proposal and divest New York’s state employee retirement fund from fossil fuels. Featured speakers include Judith Enck, former EPA Administrator (Region 2) and a Capital District environmental leader, and will feature art displays. Organizers will highlight the necessity to stop plans to build a fracked gas project to power the Capitol, and transition government buildings in an Albany environmental justice community to use renewable energy.
  • On Long Island, local residents and statewide groups will hold a “Cuomo, Be a Climate Leader” rally on the Long Beach Boardwalk on Saturday, September 8 at 11:00 AM. The event will focus on local infrastructure projects like stopping the Caithness power plant and the proposal to place a fracked gas pipeline in the New York Harbor.
  • In Newburgh, Clearwater and local organizations will host a Rise event on September 8, promoting climate solutions, fossil fuel divestment and Earth-saving actions. The informational meeting will feature actor Tim Guinee, Climate Reality Project leader, and a presentation on the proposed year-round, baseload, fracked-gas plant at Danskammer. Recent reports revealed Danskammer has deep financial ties to Trump and Wall Street. 
  • In Westchester County, faith leaders and activists will gather outside the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco on September 13th, where Governor Cuomo will cast his vote, demanding he halt the gas going to Indian Point, reject all fracking infrastructure, and move to 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  • In Tompkins County, the “No Fracked Gas Cayuga” campaign will host a community forum and rally on September 8 around the proposed repowering of the Cayuga Power Plant, and a discussion of the local and climate impacts of the proposal to create concrete actions to engage and protect the Lansing community.

“Climate change is destroying our planet and our people now more than ever before, but the reality of this is nothing new to poor communities and communities of color — for too long a time, environmental racism has destroyed the lives of disadvantaged communities, succumbing us to an everlasting cycle of life degradation. It is time to rise for our people, our planet and our lives,” said Geo Hernández, PUSH Buffalo, Climate Justice Community Organizer.

“Our home town of Elmira is built on a floodplain. The already economically disadvantaged Southern Tier region was recently battered by flooding; roads washed away, crops destroyed, homes flooded, and our beautiful countryside is being infiltrated by fracked gas infrastructure of all kinds: gas pipelines, gas compressors, gas storage and fracking waste. Yet Governor Cuomo continues to approve more fracked gas projects that burden our communities and imperil our climate. At the same time, state policies that Cuomo controls (such as the Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) policy), make it harder for wind and solar developers to operate in New York. It is time for our elected officials to take immediate and bold action on climate change at the state and local level, to preserve a livable climate for our children and grandchildren,” said Elmira event organizers Heather Stanton with Mother’s Out Front, Chemung County, and Doug Couchon with People for a Healthy Environment.

“As we rise for climate, jobs and justice we need to focus on climate solutions, which includes phasing out our dependence on fossil fuel and nuclear power and rapidly transitioning to a renewable energy economy with storage and efficiency. The proposed year-round, baseload, fracked-gas plant at Danskammer is clearly a step backwards,” said Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Director, for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

“When I moved to Tompkins County, it was right when NY passed the fracking ban, and I sat at home and I felt safe. Later I got involved with Mothers Out Front when I was pregnant with my baby and learned that a gas compressor station was being expanded near my house. I couldn’t believe that this gas expansion was being allowed. Now we face the prospect of compressed gas trucks barreling down our country roads to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania to fuel the Cayuga Power Plant – a dangerous, polluting, inefficient facility that is twice my age. I’m asking Governor Cuomo to put a stop to the expansion of fracked gas and protect my baby,” said Gina Cacioppo Mothers Out Front Volunteer leader, mother, and teacher.

“This year is once again on track to be one of the hottest years on record and massive storms and other extreme weather events continue, testifying to the need for immediate action on climate change. Given that the President is a climate denier and in league with fossil fuel interests, we are calling on Governor Cuomo for leadership through steps like halting all fossil fuel projects in the state, making corporate polluters pay, and establishing a plan for a just transition to renewable energy.  We need far more than sweeping rhetoric from the Governor and the Legislature to address what can only be described as a existential threat to humanity,” said Judith Enck, Former EPA Regional Administrator (Region 2) and a Capital District environmental leader.


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