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Divest for paris

We need to stop the fossil fuel lobby from derailing climate negotiations. Let’s get the money out of this toxic industry.


Move your money

The divestment movement is challenging institutions, individuals and governments to show climate leadership and align their investments with their values by divesting from fossil fuels ahead of the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris.

Paris Climate Summit provides a unique opportunity to divest your community. Tens of thousands of people are taking part in the summit, including university presidents, faith leaders, and lots of elected officials. They all need to be told that we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and divesting from fossil fuels send this strong message to all these leaders. If your mayor is going to Paris, your university is sending a delegation, or you belong to a faith community make sure that they’re going with a divestment commitment.

An avalanche of public commitments to divest from fossil fuels would build momentum and send a powerful signal that the world is rapidly and irreversibly moving away from fossil fuels.

If you say you want action in Paris, then you have a responsibility to divest from fossil fuels. By shifting resources from the dirty energy of the past to the 100% renewable energy of the future, institutions can model the type of action we need from countries at COP21. With our climate in crisis, divestment is a moral necessity.

To find out more about why you should divest click here.

If you are an institution who is ready to divest you can read this report for more information on how you can move your money. If you are individual who is interested in moving your own money out of fossil fuels you can find out more here.


Notable Divestors

Over 350 institutions around the world have committed to divest from fossil fuels.

Rockefeller Brothers Foundation
Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund
Glasgow University
Guardian Media Group

World Council of Churches
Crédit Agricole
Syracuse University
British Medical Association

View the full list of commitments

The Road Through Paris

2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history, and this December hundreds of world governments will meet in Paris to try to strike a global climate agreement. But the power of the fossil fuel industry threatens to derail these negotiations.

Fossil fuel companies have 5 times more oil and coal and gas in known reserves than climate scientists think is safe to burn. By divesting we are taking the fossil fuel industry to task for its culpability in the climate crisis. By naming this industry’s singularly destructive influence we are helping to break the hold that the fossil fuel industry has on our economy and our governments.

In the lead up the the UN climate negotiations in Paris, we are calling on institutions around the world to pledge to divest from fossil fuels and break the hold of the fossil fuel industry over climate negotiations.

We need to make the moral stakes of our current situation clear: the fossil fuel industry is wrecking the planet, and it’s immoral to profit off that wreckage. Divestment is a clear and powerful action that helps build the case for government action, along with making the economic point that we should be moving our money into the solution as supposed to the problem.

Join a campaign

The divestment movement is made up of hundreds of campaigns around the world run by people from all walks of life. These campaigns are often run by volunteers and many of them have never run a campaign before.

You can search for a divestment campaign in your community here. If you see a campaign that you want to be part of, sign on and contact the person who created the petition through the mail icon next to their name. The more people a campaign has involved the more likely it is to succeed.

If you can’t find a campaign in your area or at an institution you are affiliated with, why not start one? You would be joining a global movement of people who are running campaigns in their local communities. You don’t have to be an experienced campaigner, you just have to be the person who says they will do it. We have prepared this helpful guide for campaigners on how to start and run a campaign.

Find a campaign Start a campaign

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