Divest Now

Investing in climate change doesn’t add up….

That’s why we’re calling on the NZ Super Fund, our universities, banks, ACC, religious institutions, KiwiSaver providers, and our Government to take our money out of fossil fuel companies.

We’re all connected to institutions that ought to be looking out for the public good. Many of these institutions, however, support the fossil fuel industry through stocks, bonds and investment funds – using our money.

We’re part of a rapidly growing global campaign calling on institutions and companies to divest from fossil fuels and increase investment in renewables. Collectively we’re standing up to say ‘investing in fossil fuels no longer adds up’.

Join the movement to make it happen.

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  • Send an email to the CEO of the NZ Super Fund asking them to divest.

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Why Divest?

In order to keep global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, we can only afford to burn 20% of the coal, oil and gas reserves that companies want to dig up. The other 80% needs to stay in the ground.

The fossil fuel industry could choose to step up and help make the transition to renewables, but instead it’s chosen to continue lobbying for special privileges for new fossil fuel exploration, pressing to see just how much more governments will let them get away with.

As part of the New Zealand and global movement to divest, we have the collective power to reduce financing to fossil fuel companies and we send a clear and urgent message to companies and governments that we are serious about change.

It’s out money, so we’re asking them to divest!

Read more on our resource pages, and follow the 350 Aotearoa Facebook page for the latest news and campaign updates.

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Bathurst Resources Ltd is planning to mine 84 million tonnes of coal on and around the South Island’s Denniston Plateau – and Westpac is loaning them money and offering other financing. Send a letter to Westpac now asking them to call in their loan and stop financing climate change.
It’s a fund for our future so it doesn’t make sense to invest it in an industry that is working to destroy it. Send a letter to the Super Fund.
Our tax dollars are subsidising fossil fuel companies making billions each year. Tell Simon Bridges to stop government subsidies. Find out how here.
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For New Zealand media inquiries, please contact Jessie Dennis, 0220397117, jessie[at]350.org.nz.