May 21, 2019

Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition calls on Cuomo, NY DEC to block fracked gas projects once and for all

New York, NY – Just two days after New York State’s denial of the controversial Williams NESE Pipeline last Wednesday, the Williams Co. filed another application seeking approval for the toxic and unnecessary project. Utility National Grid is again partnering with Williams to manufacture false demand, attempting to hold New Yorkers’ energy needs hostage and slow the inevitable and necessary transition to 100% renewable energy.

With Williams Company’s re-application and National Grid’s continued moratorium threats, the Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition released the following statement:    

“The DEC listened to the science and thousands of New Yorkers’ fact-based public comments against the Williams fracked gas pipeline, making the right call to protect our waters by denying the project. National Grid still hasn’t proven the need for this fracked gas pipeline, and there’s clear evidence it would harm our health, waters and climate. There’s no technical tweak that can change that. Williams’ hasty re-application, just two days after the denial, shows that they are  desperate to push this pipeline through while utility companies hold our energy needs hostage to recklessly advocate for building out more fossil fuel infrastructure. We have the opportunity to build a renewable, sustainable economy rather than locking our state into even more needless and dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure. We must seize this opportunity, and we call on Governor Cuomo and the DEC to stop the pipeline and all fracked gas infrastructure once and for all.”

At the Thursday press conference at New York City Hall, the day after the denial, New Yorkers pledged to stay vigilant and stand with allies in New Jersey to keep fighting until the pipeline is stopped for good.

New Jersey also has the authority to grant or deny key permits for the Williams NESE project and New Jersey’s Governor Murphy must make a decision on the pipeline by June 5. New Yorkers are vowing to do everything it takes to make sure the Williams fracked gas pipeline is never built, including hosting a statewide Direct Action Training Tour — “Sit, Sing, Stand” — following the New York City Promise to Protect stop.


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