Defend the CCPA

Email your New York State Senator to demand they keep the CCPA strong.



New York State is on the verge of passing the Climate and Community Protection Act — a landmark bill that would rapidly transition New York to a 100% renewable energy economy while investing 40% of the state’s climate fund into communities on the frontlines of climate change and pollution, most of which are low-income or communities of color.

But Governor Cuomo and other opponents of the CCPA are working hard to weaken the bill. According to last year’s IPCC report, we only have until 2050 to totally eliminate carbon emissions and avert total climate catastrophe. That’s why it’s essential that the CCPA stay strong and pass into law this year.

Fill out the form to send an email to your New York State Senator urging them to keep the CCPA strong by making sure that:

1) The CCPA moves ALL sectors of New York’s economy off fossil fuels, not just electricity.
2) The CCPA sets a deadline for that transition into law — not just an aspirational goal.
3) The CCPA invests 40% of state climate funds into communities on the frontlines of climate change and pollution.