We are taking Shell to court

By Liset Meddens, Fossielvrij NL director

I’m angry. The science is clear: we need urgent climate action. But Shell and others are still burning fossil fuels and making huge profits, at the cost of the climate and our future. They still influence our government and delay the necessary transition towards clean energy.

We’ve had enough: with our partners, we’re taking Shell to court! Fossielvrij NL is now proudly joining Milieudefensie and 5 other Dutch NGOs in a ground-breaking court case. We’re suing Shell to demand they stop causing disastrous climate change.

We know Shell is already feeling the pressure – their CEO Ben van Beurden recently said “This is the biggest challenge we have at the moment as a company … The fact that societal acceptance of the energy system as we have it is just disappearing.”

This is huge – but it can become even bigger with your help! This case is our opportunity to break the power of Shell and make political space for real climate solutions.

Please: join us here and spread the word on social media! #KlimaatzaakShell