First of all we want to thank everybody who joined our action for Global Divestment Day on February 14th. It was amazingly energetic and we want to continue with this positive vibe. Now the big question is: what’s next? We will recap the action briefly and then we will inform you about further events.


Global Divestment Day in Amsterdam

Global Divestment Day AmsterdamWhen the action started at Stopera and people arrived with their bikes and got their flags, the air was full of excitement. People walking by did not only look at us but were also curious about our action. We explained that we want the municipality of Amsterdam to become fossil free for a sustainable future.  Most of the people agreed with us. Some of them did not know that Amsterdam has the world’s largest gasoline harbor and the second biggest coal harbor in Europe. They were not aware of the fact that the municipality agrees on sustainability targets but leaves the fossil fuel harbor area aside with it’s coal power plant and its fossil fuel infrastructure. And they did not want the municipality to invest in the dirty fossil fuel industry.

10994441_10101854179493209_1353444345969465842_nThe most powerful moment at Stopera was when we raised the alarm about all the dirty secrets of the municipality of Amsterdam. Many brought wistles, horns, pots and pans to make some good noise. We surrounded the city hall almost completely and our siren was loud and clear: Amsterdam go Fossilfree! Afterwards we got on our bikes to make our way to Museumplein. The bike ride was colorful, loud and fun. Especially when we passed the tunnel at Rijksmuseum: goosebumps of excitement!


Arriving at Museumplein, we could not believe our eyes. There was hardly any coordination needed and within less than five minutes everyone placed himself/herself with their bikes on the grass to form the word FUTURE and link into the global message




After we figured out how to take the picture – with the best Plan C ever – we are very happy that we managed to take the picture and so many people shared that moment with us. Check out the result:


What’s next?

Did you enjoyed the action as much as we did and do you want to get involved? Sure. In the following we show you some opportunities.

26 feb – Amsterdam Fossielvrij meeting

At first we want to invite you to the next meeting of Amsterdam Fossielvrij. The group will meet on the 26th of February at the Fossielvrij office. For more information and in order to register, write an email to [email protected] or check the facebook event !

17 mrt – Pensioenfondsen Fossielvrij?

An evening hosted by ABPfossielvrij about the fossil fuel shares of pension funds. What are the financial and social risks of these investments? What would happen if they divested? Come and join the debate with us  at Packhuys de Zwijger and witness the handing over of the petition to the ABP board!
For more information check the facebook event or the website abpfossielvrij.nl/event

26 mrt – FossielvrijNL National gathering

On 26th of March FossielvrijNL will hold the next National Gathering probably in Utrecht. Here, you can get in touch with all the other local groups in the Netherlands and get information about what’s happening all over the Netherlands in more than 12 campaigns.

Last but not least we want to mention that 2015 is a very crucial year for the climate movement. At the end of the year political leaders will gather in Paris for the COP21 to negotiate a new climate agreement. So get ready, join one of our events or organize your own local meeting!