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ING: Stop financing the climate crisis!

We call on ING Bank to stop pumping our money into oil, coal and gas. It is unacceptable that they are still financing fossil fuel companies.

Enable a livable, just world with ING's billions. Immediately turn off the money tap to fossil fuels!

Ask ING's CEO Steven van Rijswijk to stop financing the fossil fuel industry 👇

The war in Ukraine has been a wake-up call. Our dependence on coal, oil and gas is not only causing the climate crisis, but is also enabling authoritarian regimes. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. More oil and gas from Europe or other continents is not a safe or sustainable solution.

To keep a livable world within reach we need to stop using fossil fuels. It is unacceptable that cash is still going from banks and pension funds into new fossil fuel projects.

ING Bank recently decided to stop directly financing new fossil fuel projects, but it continues to support companies that want to extract even more oil and gas. They are also continuing to finance new fossil infrastructure such as pipelines.

It's time for a rapid transition. For this, we need the billions from financial institutions to fund equitable climate solutions. A large bank like ING can play an important role here.

We therefore demand the following from ING and CEO Steven van Rijswijk:

  1. Immediately stop financing and facilitating fossil fuel companies and projects;
  2. Enable a livable, just world;
      • Align all funding with the 1.5 degree goal from the Paris Climate Agreement;
      • Finance fair solutions for the climate.

Ask ING's CEO Steven van Rijswijk to stop financing the fossil fuel industry 👇

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