Utrecht calls on ABP to divest from fossil fuels

In a letter which was recently sent by the City of Utrecht to the pension fund ABP, the municipality is asking them “to withdraw any investments from the fossil industry as quickly as possible, starting with coal, nuclear and shale gas”. The municipality points out the financial risks of the carbon bubble, and states that (More...)

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From treehugger to trespasser: Ende Gelände 2016

I really should have been there. That was all I could think about after last year’s Ende Gelände. Seeing all the videos, pictures and hearing personal stories from my friends really made me feel I missed out on something. So this year I would be there. Not a doubt in my mind. I wanted to have (More...)

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The Eindhoven Energy

Blog written by Louise Fitzgerald, from Fossil Free Berlin group. Last weekend over 70 Divestment activists from across Europe met in Eindhoven, The Netherlands to share experiences, learn new skills and brainstorm ideas. It was a Fossil Free Skillshare, but to its participants it came to mean much more. Strangers greeted each other with hugs, (More...)

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