Keep it in the museum.

The climate crisis calls for museums to do more than curate history. It’s time to make history by keeping the fossils where they belong — in museum halls — and divest their funds from the fossil fuel industry.


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Tell the country’s top science museums, including: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, American Museum of Natural History in New York, and Natural History Museum of Utah:

To the American Museum of Natural History, the Field Museum, California Academy of Sciences, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, & the Natural History Museum of Utah:

We urge you to take leadership by doing more than observing and documenting history — by standing up to help make it.

We call on you to divest your funds from the fossil fuel industry.


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Museums are key institutions where people learn about science and the natural world. They understand the urgent threat of climate change — so why invest in the fossil fuel industry that’s putting us on a crash course? (Read more ↓)

The Code of Ethics for Museums states: “It is incumbent on museums to be resources for humankind and in all their activities to foster an informed appreciation of the rich and diverse world we have inherited. It is also incumbent upon them to preserve that inheritance for posterity.”

More than 500 universities, churches, cities, and other institutions around the world representing more than $3.4 trillion in assets have already committed to some level of divestment. As purveyors of information about science and the natural world, it’s time for museums to stand up.

Right now, the fossil fuel industry faces an existential crisis. Every country in the world has now agreed to tackle the issue of climate change, historically low prices have sent the industry into a financial tailspin, and two consecutive years of record global temperatures have galvanized support for climate action. There has never been a better moment to divest.

If our country’s most iconic museums divest, we can trigger a new wave of institutions to send the message: the age of fossil fuels is over. We need a transition that’s both rapid and just — and we need it now.

Museums can help show that the fossil fuel industry has no social license left: the world is through with their pollution, their corruption, and their greed.

The world is evolving beyond fossil fuels. We can’t leave our museums behind.



Koch is off the board!

David Koch’s departure from the board of the American Museum of Natural History is a is a victory for the scientists, climate activists, and museum professionals who have been calling for museums to break ties with fossil fuel interests.

3 things you can do right now to spread the call:

1. Tweet at the museums

Click here to tweet: Hey @AMNH, fossils belong in #museums, not in investment funds! #divest

Click here to tweet: If @NHMU is meant to preserve natural history, why invest in companies making nature history? #divest #museums

2. Bring the heat to your home turf

Why not start a campaign in your own community? You can help a local museum or other institution take a real step towards a better future for us all by divesting from the fossil fuel industry. Click here to start a campaign.

3. Tell your friends and family

We’re evolving beyond fossil fuels. Don’t leave your friends — or the museums — behind.

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