Summer is here and many of us will take a break to recharge, reflect and, last but not least, have some fun.

We’ll be looking back on what we’ve been up to so far this year – what we achieved together during the Global Divestment Mobilisation – and what steps we want to take next with our campaigns.

Divesting from fossil fuels should be an easy decision for any institution that wants to show leadership on climate change, but we still have many targets to push over to the right side of history. So how do we spread our Fossil Free campaigns wider than ever before and help start new ones all over the world?

We want to share with you the Fossil Free ‘DNA’ or building blocks that bind our global movement together and can help it grow even bigger and stronger.

This approach allows anyone anywhere to join or start a Fossil Free campaign autonomously while ensuring that we’re all pushing toward the same goal and connecting our local struggles into an effective global movement for climate justice.

The Fossil Free campaign has three simple building blocks — what we call its ‘DNA’:

1. We share a Theory of Change for how divestment can tackle the climate crisis.

2. We share an open-source Fossil Free visual identity and tools that bind our diverse campaigns together.

3. We commit to the same organising principles for how we work together.

Right now is the perfect time to remind each other of the Fossil Free DNA that binds our groups together and to share it with new people that have joined the movement through the momentum of the past months. 

Why not hold an event to train up newly interested people with this handy Fossil Free DNA presentation and get them involved in your local campaigns, or host a local meeting to bring people together to start a new campaign?

Here are some more ideas on how to grow your group.

We know that when we stand together in the fight for a #fossilfree future we can strengthen and broaden the impact of the fossil fuel divestment movement. So, let’s make the most of summer to recharge our batteries and bring new people into our campaigns, so that we can build on our achievements with new energy.