Students from Wageningen tell Shell: “Not on our campus!”

“Shell was here…”

With the video below the students gained international attention. Shell chose the Wageningen campus to fire greenwashing and marketing talk at young kids. In its Generation Discover Bright Ideas Hub, Shell is aiming to interest kids in technology. Interestingly, Shell is asking children to think about solutions to world problems that it is causing itself.

Students protest against Shell on WUR campus

Together, we stand for a fossil free and sustainable future. So when massive polluters like Shell show up on our university's campus with a cleverly designed marketing campaign, we know exactly what to do: we expose #TheRealShell 🔥🔥🔥>99% of Shell stands for relentless fossil fuel extraction which is causing enormous harm to the environment and communities on a global scale. Don't believe their #BrightLies! Don't let our education be influenced by the fossil fuel industry!Check and follow Fossielvrij Onderwijs for more info.

Posted by Fossil Free Wageningen on Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The students of Fossil Free Wageningen:
“At Wageningen University a lot of research is carried out on the consequences of climate change. It is therefore unacceptable that a company like Shell comes here and sells itself as a sustainable, future-oriented company. We think it’s very important to make kids interested science, and that they start thinking about world problems from an early age, but not when this is overseen by a huge polluter like Shell. The university is making a big mistake by allowing Shell’s Bright Ideas Hub on campus. Shell has chosen this scientific setting because, among other reasons, it makes their propaganda and greenwashing more credible. And Wageningen University is accommodating this.”

We urgently call on all universities:
“Draw a line. Say no to the cooperation with companies who are profiting from exacerbating climate change. Do not give them a platform, say no to commissioned research. Refuse to be their facilitator, their enabler, their greenwasher.”