October 26, 2016

ABP lacks leadership at National Climate Summit

Rotterdam, 25 October 2016 – Today the head of the ABP – one of the largest pension funds in the world – Corien Wortmann-Kool missed the chance to show leadership at the national climate summit. Although the tagline for the high profile event was “bring Paris home”, Wortmann-Kool didn’t respond to the call out of ABPfossielvrij to announce her commitment to divest from fossil fuels today. The campaigners argue it is impossible to speak of a sustainable pension fund while still investing in the fossil fuel industry.

During the climate summit ABPfossielvrij made their argument very clear by revealing a huge banner while Corien Wortmann-Kool was on stage.  It read: “ABP, make a choice!”.  According to Chris Roorda, spokesman of ABPfossielvrij, the head of the ABP is fast losing her credibility on the issue of climate change:

“Wortmann-Kool says she takes climate change very seriously, but that’s incompatible with continuing to invest our pension money in the fossil fuel industry driving the climate crisis. The National Climate Summit was billed as being about concrete, ambitious actions. Unfortunately we haven’t seen that from ABP or Corien Wortmann-Kool today.”

This year the mayors of Amsterdam and Utrecht,  as big employers connected to the ABP, also called on the ABP to divest from fossil fuels. And research by the newspaper Trouw showed that this opinion is shared among the majority of the participants of the pension fund.


Media contact:

Chris Roorda, ABP Fossielvrij, [email protected], 06 12078522

Liset Meddens, [email protected], 06 41277905

For editors:

Trouw, ‘Meerderheid wil stop op fossiel beleggen’, 1 juni 2015

Zie ook factsheet & vragen: http://www.abpfossielvrij.nl/vragen-voor-het-abp-bestuur/

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