By Fossil Free Jönköping University

Fossil Free Jönköping UniversityOn Tuesday, the University of Jönköping, Sweden, decided to change their investment policy whereby direct investments in fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas from now on are excluded. Jönköping University is the first university in the country that take a clear stand in the issue and has begun work to change its investment policy.

We in the Fossil Free campaign thinks it is important that all public institutions take responsibility for the climate and do what they can for a sustainable future. Jönköping University has taken the first step to becoming a fossil-free university.

We think this is a big step in the right direction for our school and the School Board confirm that this is an important issue and a work in progress. Although the policy currently only includes guidelines for direct investments in fossil fuel industry, there is a will by the School Board to become completely free of fossil fuels, also in their indirect investments.

We students have been working to help the school to take a positive decision for the climate since the campaign began in the autumn of 2013. It feels great that Jönköping University today can be a positive role model for other universities in Sweden. We are very pleased and proud that our university has taken a stand and listened to the students’ wishes.

However, the work is not yet finished since the University still has some work to do before becoming completely fossil free, but right now we can celebrate that we are one step closer to a sustainable future.