The Louvre, one of France’s most iconic and respected cultural institutions, is helping the fossil fuel industry to clean up its image according to a new campaign launched by France today.

Join their new campaign to end Le Louvre’s partnership with Total – sign the petition.

louvre-logo-enThe Louvre Museum is a vital institution — it’s world-famous for its role in helping us to better understand the vast span of human history and civilisation.

And yet, by accepting corporate donations from fossil fuel companies like Total, the Louvre Museum not only stains its own reputation, but it helps foster the idea that we can continue to rely on fossil fuels without damaging our climate.

Today France launched a high-profile report revealing the recklessness of Total, in particular. If enough of us speak up, we can change the Louvre’s policy and kick fossil fuels out of the arts!

Already dozens of celebrities, cultural leaders, artists and campaigners have lent us their voice – please add yours right now.

Last May, the Louvre had to evacuate some of its precious ancient artworks to save them from the rising flood waters across Paris. There’s a bitter irony that the fossil fuel companies driving drastic changes to our climate are the ones profiting from the veneer of respectability that their Louvre partnership gives them.

It’s time to end that relationship between fossil fuels and our museums – let’s start by making Le Louvre Fossil Free together.

Over the coming months you’ll hear more about creative ways to get involved in this brand new campaign. Until then, please help spread the petition by using the share buttons above.