An energy committee of delegates from all parties in the Berlin House of Representatives call on the Berlin government to divest from coal, oil and gas, in a report outlining climate and energy measures. At the public debate where the report was launched yesterday, the audience responded with standing ovations.

Standing ovations for Berlin cross-party call for divestment

Photo: Fossil Free Berlin


Fossil Free Berlin – with a Dutch film team in tow – thanked the committee on the move with ‘Divest Berlin Now’ T-Shirts as gifts. The campaigners are now calling on the ruling coalition to heed the call and divest.

Photo: Fossil Free Berlin

Photo: Fossil Free Berlin


Katrin Beushausen from Fossil Free Berlin said: “As a capital, Berlin must take action and become a leader in the energy transition and on climate action. We now expect the ruling parties to make a binding commitment to divest.”

Representatives of the ruling parties SPD and CDU  stressed that the call for divestment was supported by representatives from all parties. They expressed confidence that it will be possible to get it voted through in the House of Representatives.

Big congratulations to Fossil Free Berlin!

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