The Fossil Free Campaign

Fossil Free is a global campaign led by local groups demanding our local communities and institutions commit to:

  1. A fast + just transition to 100% renewable energy for all
  2. No new fossil fuel projects anywhere.
  3. Not a penny more for dirty energy

In Europe, we’re best placed to support your local organising on divestment and de-sponsorship right now. If you’re thinking of starting a new campaign, we think this would be the best place to start. But in other countries around the world, the Fossil Free campaign is starting to broaden its focus and adding some new campaign opportunities. If you’re keen to get an early look at these or test one of the new campaign ideas in your area read more below, visit or get in touch with us at It would be great to hear from you.

We are a powerful movement of citizens around the world working to build a future that’s free from the destructive impacts of climate change, and free from the massive, out-of-control corporations that caused it.

How does it work?

Fossil Free is about leveraging our power where it’s most effective — in our local communities. Small groups of people coming together are transforming their communities and the world. We join that power together in a connected global movement, that shares tools, tactics and an exciting vision for our world.

We campaign to take away everything the fossil fuel industry needs to grow and survive: their social licence, their political licence, and their money. We organise in our communities to stop or ban new coal, oil and gas infrastructure. 

We organise and focus the huge public support for renewable energy into actionable commitments by our local institutions for 100% renewable energy. Those commitments are not only transforming our energy system, but also support and retrain workers affected by the changes, and put the ownership of energy back with the people.

“Build Our Energy Barn” built in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline on the Hammond family’s land near York, Nebraska.   photo: Mary Anne Andrei / Bold Nebraska.


Principle #1:

Everyone is welcome.

Climate change isn’t just an environmental issue, or a social justice issue, or an economic issue — it’s all of those at once. It’s one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced, and we’re going to have to work together to solve it.

This movement actively welcomes the talents, energy & commitment of all individuals volunteering their time, regardless of their background, ethnicity, religious or spiritual belief, gender and sexual orientation. We react immediately against hate and discrimination.


Principle #2:

We’re all leaders.

Each group has the power to decide its own organising, facilitation, decision-making, communications, tactics and actions.  We’re all responsible collectively for making sure we live up to our values and shared organising principles.


Principle #3:

We take action.

Taking action is how we build public support behind our cause. And we recognise the importance of escalating those actions when our demands aren’t met.

We are committed to maintaining non-violent discipline in all of our actions. We support those who take direct action and respect those who are not in a position to take part. We encourage a wide range of tactics — it strengthens our movement.