By Liangyi Chang

All over the world, there is a growing momentum from different communities who are rising up and are declaring that a fossil-free world is possible. From the Catholic church-led initiatives on using renewable energy to resist coal in the Philippines, to the united communities in Brazil that halted further fracking and to the grassroots organizing that was able to get the City of New York to divest from fossil-fuels.

These are all indicators that for our work: anything is possible in spite of the overwhelming odds.

East Asia, our region is the last bastion of coal in our global struggle to usher in a fossil-free world, as many countries here are needlessly and dangerously over-dependent on coal.

We have to break this cycle: city by city, town by town, we need to end the age of fossil fuels and establish fossil-free communities.

We can make this possible by sowing the seeds of what is possible –as it was learned by the triumphs of grassroots campaigns featured in our recent video.

On Earth Day 2018 we encourage you by taking the first step to organize screenings of this video in your local communities to inspire and challenge them to work towards building a future with clean energy.

It’s not just about changing light bulbs, or waiting for politicians to lead. It’s about building local people power.

This is what you can do in your community – now.