The East Asia Climate Leadership Web Workshops

2018 is the most important year for local climate action after Paris Agreement, since Global Climate Action Summit will gather local leaders from around the world to demonstrate their approaches toward rising climate. Science tells us that it is caused by global warming that comes from greenhouse gasses emitted mostly by fossil-fuel projects that are also destroying the lives and livelihood of people in the places that hosts them. We believe that from extraction to combustion fossil-fuel development has brought the greatest impacts on the people that have benefited the least from its development and more so are impacted the most by climate change.

This year in 2018, we will join hands with Fossil Free East Asia Network members to build a powerful movement of citizens around the region working to build a future that’s free from the destructive impacts of climate change, free from the addition of fossil fuel usage and free from the massive, out-of-control corporations that caused it.

City by city, town by town, we’re ending the age of fossil fuels and building a world of community-led renewable energy. With the stories and voices collected across the region, #FrontlinesHeroes and #VulunerableVoices, will be as our respond to the climate crisis as unified voice fighting for the future of humankind toward a world no longer conflicting environment and economy, but for a safe, secure and sustainable future for us and the generations to come.


What is EA Climate Workshop

East Asia Climate Workshop is established to serve as part of East Asia Climate Leadership Program, which will be an online opportunity for all of us to dive in further on 4 key topics in 2018, 1) Regional Renewable in the community Renewable Energy, 2) Fossil Free Communications, 3) Local stakeholders and initiate further Local Governments, 4) Post global moment absorption and next steps. Together, these will build toward RISE for Climate global mobilization moment in September and key conversations for Fossil Free East Asia world.


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What you will get from web workshops?

These webinars, organized by the East Asia will enable you to:

  • Understand the initial regional divestment initiatives, including what is fossil free, why fossil free and how to call for fossil free via some examples and work led by local groups in the region.
  • Understand what are will building up to RISE for climate across East Asia region in September, Fossil Free East Asia campaign for local communities and following up plans.
  • Understand various political trends and possibilities of policy changes in different country context, while we are working on climate change campaigns.
  • Transfer the knowledge from Fossil Free East Asia Network to ideas on campaign work including how can we amplify learnings between different campaigns like, divestment, anti-coal, air-pollution…etc
  • Deepen discussion on opportunities and solutions work that we might can take on further for climate crisis.

The web workshops are moderated by East Asia team and each section will be 1.5hrs max, including 1~2 invited panelists from Fossil Free East Asia Network or wider climate movement to share the related topic and online interactive discussion and Q/A session.


RISE Organizing Call

Organizing call for East Asia Rise For Climate.
View the slides here

EACLP 01: 100% Renewable – A Fossil Free Journey

During the web workshop, Groups’ work from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia were presented on their Renewable initiatives. We focused and exchanged on how to work with community building to enlarge the renewable initiatives and approaches that we use toward energy transition.

EACLP 02: Fossil Free Communitcations

While we are all working toward Fossil Free Manifesto plan, we need to know how would be the best practice to “TALK” about it. This Workshop we invited people from Taiwan, China, Europe, to share with us how they use different approaches(Message, Narratives, Guide, Regular Updates or social media tools) to various audiences.

EACLP 03: Local stakeholders and initiate further Local Governments

This workshop is linking closely with RISE for Climate and how the current local work on the ground are built. People from South Korea and Philippines shared about their work with local government and community, especially on some lesson learnt and engagement process they are building toward.
View the slides here

For more information

If you have any questions please contact

Mr. Liangyi Chang,

East Asia Regional Campaign Coordinator

[email protected]

Mr. Chuck Baclagon

East Asia Regional digital and communication campaigner

[email protected]