On August 22, 2014, in front of King Sejong Statue located in Gwanghwamun plaza which is a historical and cultural place in Korea, Green Environment Youth Korea(GEYK) members had a performance related to Coal Dragon Hunt. The plaza is concentrated with Korean Government Seoul Building, Embassy of the United States, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the many major media companies; thus the performance could have lead to greater influence.

One of the Korea’s commitments to the international community, GHG emission reduction target of 30% Business as Usual(BAU) by 2020, is being underestimated by the government. Before the establishment of the 7th Power Supply Master Plan scheduled for the end of the year, five of the KEPCO’s thermal power generation subsidiary companies are identified as preparing to generate more than 10,000㎿ units, and 4000㎿ of them are with coal.

The government’s action is different from the commitment to the international community, hence GEYK marched and had a performance to stop and interrupt the action.




The march contains the contents of the Coal Dragon Hunt and the contents criticizing Korean government’s idle response to the coal problem. And the content of the performance is the following: coals come to dominate in South Korea. Renewable energy continues to appeal to Korea, but Korea does not take any measures or actions. At the same time, Coals take place and do not want to back down. Coals are trying continuously to separate Renewable energy from Korea and have the supremacy.

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