Asia Climate Leadership Camp 2019


Bataan, Philippines | August 28 – 30 2019


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About the Asia Climate Leadership Camp

Over the past 4 years, the East Asia Climate Leadership Program, comprised of a webinar series and an offline 3-day camp, have engaged climate leaders in the region, serving as a platform to showcase stories and experiences of frontline heroes and community organizing. It has also become a tool to expand the capacity of youth activists on various topics surrounding climate change and climate justice.

Apart from expanding to include South Asia participants, this year we will also be focusing on building the capacity of junior campaigners and organizers on Asia finance. The camp will serve as an introduction to both private bank divestment and campus divestment, and will also serve as a platform for the participants to integrate both country-focused and region-wide strategies both from financer and recipient country perspectives into the 350 Asia Finance Strategy.


ACLC 2019 Goals

  • Goal 1: Build and strengthen a network of junior climate campaigners in Asia, focused on knowledge-building and coordinating similar in-country actions to result in collaborative region-wide strategies (e.g. school strikes youth organizing, divestment campaigns drawing from financier vs. recipient perspectives, etcetera);
  • Goal 2: Build the knowledge of local activists about the role of financial institutions in facilitating the development of fossil fuel expansion in the region and build capacity to apply finance campaigning strategies in local/regional campaigns, centering discussions on how finance from Japan, Korea and China are funding new coal projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Bangladesh as per the Asia finance strategy. 
  • Goal 3: Share finance campaign lessons learned from other regions and identify specific tactics that are useful for applying pressure on commercial banks, universities, or public institutions as part of existing / new campaigns with specific demands for financiers per country, drawing from : 
    • European successful finance campaigns – commercial banks  and institutional divestment 
    • Japan commercial banks campaign 
    • US successful campaigns – campus divestment 
  • Goal 4: Build skills and explore the power of storytelling to connect financier countries/ corporations with stories from host countries and communities resisting projects on the ground

Logistics: participation, dates and location

The ACLC 2019 will be held in Balanga, Bataan, Philippines from August 28 – 30. 

Travel, lodging and meals will be provided by

Recruitment of participants is through nominations only. Please see recruitment note here