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1000 people will run a relay to COP21 – from indigenous Sámi frontlines in the Arctic through fossil fuel struggles in Northern Europe to the climate negotiations in Paris. 
Run for your life is initiated by the Swedish national theatre Riksteatern and is a 4 300 km long relay for a sustainable future. The runners will bring with them thousands of personal stories about climate change, and it will all be broadcast live.Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 15.24.57
If you have a story to tell about climate change and want to join the run, make sure to check out their new website
There are many frontlines fighting climate injustice happening in the run-up to Paris – in August, thousands of people will join forces to #stopdigging in the Rhineland, Germany.You can travel there and join the training and action on the spot! Join the project, Ende Gelände, on their website.There is also a training in August for Sámi grassroots in Jokkmokk, Sweden, to support organising in Sápmi. You can support their project by checking out and sharing their crowdfund.See you on the streets..!

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