Trudeau, let the people have their say

From July 7 – 22, communities from coast to coast to coast will hold their own town halls on Trudeau’s billion dollar pipeline buy out.








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By July 22nd, the Trudeau government will decide whether to finalize the multi-billion dollar deal to buy out Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. 

The government is refusing to hold public town halls on this deal, that’s why, from July 7 – 22, community members all across the country are organizing their own. 

These people’s town halls will feature screenings of the film Directly Affected, that details all the risks this pipeline poses to people and the planet. Members of Parliament are invited to attend and answer to their constituents’ concerns.  Will you join a town hall or sign up to host one in your community?

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Together, we can make sure that people all across the country understand the full risks of this project. Let’s drag this dirty deal into the light. We can still stop this dangerous pipeline and move Canada forwards on real climate action and Indigenous reconciliation.



What will these town hall screenings look like?

These screenings will bring together community members to learn about the serious risks this project poses and the billions of dollars each of us is being put on the hook for with Trudeau’s buyout. Members of Parliament will be invited to join in and sit in a question answer period on the pipeline.

If MPs show up, we’ll have a chance to drag this dirty pipeline deal out into the sunlight and show it for what it really is – a bailout for big oil billionaires. If they refuse to show up, we’ll know they’re not really interested in listening to the people, even when they’re putting our public money on the line. And, we’ll be ready to act when parliament resumes in the fall, to show Trudeau the true cost of a Big Oil buy out.

What’s the Directly Affected film about and how can I get a license for a screening?

Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure is a film by Zack Embree and it weaves together the stories of people impacted by the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project, the broken National Energy Board review process used to approve the pipeline, Canada’s commitments at the Paris Climate Talks, and the innovators working towards the low-carbon economy. Watch the trailer here.

After you sign up to host a town hall in your community, our staff will send you a special code so you can access the film. We’ve already paid for the license.

What does it mean for Canada to go Fossil Free?

Canada is home to one of the world’s largest and dirtiest oil reserves – the Alberta tar sands. Digging up all the carbon in this massive deposit of bitumen would completely go against Canada’s commitments in the Paris Agreement. Beyond that, if extracted and burned, the tar sands alone would ensure the planet crosses the most dangerous climate thresholds.

That’s why going Fossil Free in Canada means freezing the expansion of the tar sands. We can do this by stopping massive export pipelines, like the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, and also, by stopping tar sands at the source by ensuring new projects, like the Teck Frontier mine, are rejected because they put our climate at risk and violate the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Past Campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground in Canada

People vs Kinder Morgan

Since March 10th 2018, the movement to stop the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline has taken unprecedented action all across Canada. In solidarity with Coast Salish spiritual leaders who are on the forefront of resistance on Burnaby Mountain, people across Canada have risen up to show the Trudeau government the political cost of building the Kinder Morgan pipeline.   More →

Stop(ped) Energy East

In 2017, the movement for climate justice and Indigenous rights in Canada stopped the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed. Check out our timeline to find out more about how we got here. More →

Big Oil has no place in Canada’s museums.

Thanks to people power, Canada’s most iconic cultural institution — the Museum of History — cut its ties to the dirtiest Big Oil lobby group in the country: the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. More →


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