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3 online workshops announced

Global Divestment Mobilisation is 2 months away. Sign up for a series of online workshops and resources to support you in planning and taking action for divestment wherever you are 5-13th May.

#ShellKnew. After decades of deception, it’s time to divest.

Yesterday evidence emerged that oil giant Shell has known about dangerous climate change, caused by the burning of its fossil fuels, for over 30 years.

We’ve been betrayed, lied to, and sabotaged by the fossil fuel industry for decades. That time is over — it’s time to divest. Join the Global Divestment Mobilisation in May!

Victoire! ULg désinvestit!

Le Conseil d’administration de l’université a annoncé, lors de sa réunion de décembre que  l’Université de Liège s’engage à sortir

Four Reflections on the COP21

Two weeks ago, tens of thousands of climate activists from across the world gathered in Paris to mobilise around the