Break up with Fossil Fuels! Together, let's make fossil fuels history.

February 13 and 14: Break up with fossil fuels.

On February 13-14, Australia will join the world to break up with fossil fuels and call on others to do the same as part of the first ever Global Divestment Day. Divestment is weakening the political power of the fossil fuel industry so that we can break the climate deadlock and build the solutions the world needs. But to change everything we need everyone: join us this February to break up with fossil fuels.

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    13 Feb - 11:00 AM

    Rundle Mall, corner of King William Street.

    Join Adelaide for a moving event through the city with a number of special guests to declare it's time to break up with fossil fuels on Global Divestment Day!


    14 Feb - 11:00 AM

    Meet in front of Champ Kitchen and Bar, 114 Grey St, South Brisbane

    Join Brisbane for a family friendly banks divestment flash mob and 'Break Up With Fossil Fuels' picnic.


    14 Feb - 10:30 AM

    Glebe Park, Canberra CBD

    Join us to become a part of the break up with fossil fuels at Canberra's DivestFest! Meet the unions, churches, students, health groups and many others reshaping the climate fight.


    14 Feb - 11:00 AM

    Star Lawns, Alexandra Gardens, behind the boat-sheds

    Join us for a colourful, family friendly celebration of the Australian divestment movement. Come dressed in orange to be part of a GIANT human sign spelling the word 'divest'. The sign will form part of the phrase 'fossil fuels=history, renewables= future DIVEST', being put together by different cities all round the world.Hear from speakers involved in divesting their religious organisations, local councils, health bodies and universities. Chat to local campaigners about divestment happenings in Melbourne whilst nibbling on delicious orange treats. Cap off the day by joining other divestors to move your money out of the Big 4.
    Join and share the Facebook event here.


    14 Feb - 10:00 AM

    Market Square Park, Subiaco

    This Valentine's day, join us for Perth's Big Fossil Fuel Break Up with speeches from inspiring divestment leaders, a colourful surprise creative "break up with fossil fuels" action and more!


    13 Feb - 12 noon

    Commonwealth Bank HQ, 1 Darling Quarter. Share on facebook here.

    Join Sydneysiders to call on Commonwealth Bank to divest from coal port expansion on the Great Barrier Reef and break up with fossil fuels; large colourful, family-friendly action, creative photo-op, inspiring speakers, delicious lunch options nearby, and more.




    On February 13-14, Australia will join the world to break up with fossil fuels and call on others to do the same as part of the first ever Global Divestment Day. Divestment is weakening the political power of the fossil fuel industry so that we can break the climate deadlock and build the solutions the world needs. But to change everything we need everyone: join us this February to break up with fossil fuels.
    As governments fail to take bold climate action and fossil fuel expansion continues at an ever increasing pace, it’s time for us to take matters into our own hands. At the end of 2015, world leaders will gather in Paris to attempt once again to secure a global climate deal. But we know that they won’t act in accordance with the urgency of the climate crisis while the fossil fuel industry holds the balance of power.Since 2012, hundreds of institutions and thousands of individuals have divested billions of dollars from fossil fuels. This movement is growing faster than any previous divestment campaign in history but to fight back the fossil fuel industry’s damaging plans and have any chance of getting a real global treaty in Paris, in 2015 the movement must grow faster and stronger than ever.
    If it’s wrong to wreck the planet then its wrong to profit from that wreckage. It’s time for all of us to sever our ties with the fossil fuel industry whose plans will destroy the planet as we know it. Each act of divestment takes back power from the fossil fuel industry and helps create a mandate for our leaders to take real climate action before it’s too late. Register to join your nearest event today.
    Imagine thousands of people everywhere turning out to take collective action and demand institutions do what is necessary for climate action by divesting from fossil fuels. Together with people right around the world, we will close our accounts with banks and super funds investing in climate chaos. University students will hold flash-mobs, vigils, sit-ins and rallies calling upon their endowments to invest in a liveable future. Faith leaders and people living on the frontline of climate change will band together to urge their communities to divest from climate destruction. In financial capitals, people will gather for colourful rallies calling on investors to break up with the fossil fuel industry and sever their ties once and for all.Together, we will show that we are a truly global and growing force. As the fossil fuel industry throws more money at fossil fuel expansion, we will turn up the volume of our divestment movement. And we won’t stop until we win.
    "We need to support the divestment campaign to make a positive change and move our money into a better future powered by renewable energy."
    Mikaele Maiava, Tokelau
    "We are appealing to investors to think carefully about what they're supporting and consider the impacts to traditional peoples, culture & heritage and spiritual wellbeing. Think about the long term legacy we are leaving for all of our children."
    Dolly Talbot,Gomeroi Traditional Elder
    "Divesting from coal, oil and gas gives my island of Nukunonu a fighting chance of staying above water."
    Aleki Manuele, Tokelau

    "I support divestment because it is a great way for individuals and companies to show that they know how important it is to face up to the climate challenge."
    Dean McNulty, QLD Firefighter
    "Climate change is a harsh reality for us in the Marshall Islands. Ask yourself whether you wish to continue investing in the fossil fuel industry, or whether you choose to invest in a safer future for generations to come."
    Milañ Loeak, Marshall Islands
    "I'm calling on organisations and individuals to move their money out of fossil fuels so we can stop the senseless destruction of our climate, our farmlands and beyond."
    Cliff Wallace, NSW Farmer

    "Climate Change is threatening our existence. I call on you to help us save humanity by divesting your money today."
    Arianne Kassman, Papua New Guinea
    "Fracking and the burning of fossil fuels will cause catastrophic problems. I don't believe that investors should be putting money into companies that frack - they should be investing in solar and wind energy instead."
    Rod Copeland, WA Farmer
    "For my people, the First Nations people of Australia, the injustices go beyond the climate impacts. The fossil fuel industry has have been putting stress on our land, our culture and our communities for decades. It's time to move our money out of fossil fuels and build a future powered by the sun and the wind."
    Amelia Telford, Bundjalung, NSW

    "The activities of the fossil fuel industry are sinking our Islands. But we are not drowning - we are fighting. I encourage people everywhere to support our fight by divesting from the fossil fuel industry."
    Isso Nihmei, Vanuatu
    "Indigenous cultures are being destroyed by the fossil fuel industry. This cannot go on. When our governments won't protect us, it's time to speak in the language of money and divest from the fossil fuel companies leaving our lands to ruin."
    Maria Clague,Yaegl woman
    "Changing climate brings extreme weather conditions, including more frequent and more severe bushfires. This is a workplace issue for firefighters - our jobs are dangerous enough already without these added challenges. The divestment campaign is an opportunity for all of us to take action on this issue."
    Jim Casey,Leader of the Fire Brigade Employees Union

    "Fossil fuels are cooking the planet and making droughts worse. Do you really want to profit from that? Sell your shares and you'll sleep better at night."
    Rob McCreath, QLD Farmer
    "We know that Climate Change poses the biggest threat to Human Health this century. Moving away and Divesting from Fossil Fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is critical for our health and well-being."
    Fiona Stanley, Distinguished Research Professor, School of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Western Australia & Vice-Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Melbourne
    It's time to stop supporting the fossil fuel industry, and to give the world a better chance! Make a difference by moving your banking and super out of coal and gas."
    Jonathan Keren-Black, Rabbi, VIC



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