Asia Climate Leadership Camp 2020

Digital organizing and storytelling to choke fossil fuel finance in the climate emergency decade

Virtual Training hosted by Asia | August 29 – 30, September 5 – 6 (NEW TIME!)
Program Background

Asia Climate Leadership Camp 2020 will gather 300 of the region’s youth climate strikers, junior organizers and campaigners for a 4-day virtual training on using online organizing and compelling storytelling to defund the Asia fossil fuel industry. By integrating funder and recipient country perspectives, we hope to build a network of youth finance campaigners resulting in a decentralized region-wide strategy leading to a Fossil Free Asia by 2030.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that our broken business-as-usual system only works for a select few as it overburdened our respective economies, public healthcare systems, and social protections. This is the time to build an alternative vision that works for all by ensuring a just recovery as we build back better.

Defunding the fossil fuel industry by targeting private banks, public multilateral development banks and institutional investors like universities and churches is crucial to ensuring further climate breakdown. Asia as one of the most vulnerable regions in the world can play a leadership role in eradicating public support for the fossil fuel industry and working towards climate justice at this time.

This year, we’re going digital. This decision was made in light of the surrounding uncertainty with regards to country quarantines and to ensure wider participation. We build on five years of this program by ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion from our recruitment process to program implementation and evaluation.


/Digital organizing and storytelling/ The camp will have multiple skill-ups on maximizing and innovating upon digital spaces and platforms to organize young people in both funding and recipient countries in Asia as well as to tell a compelling narrative connecting the struggle of frontline communities to funding institutions.

/Choking fossil fuel finance/ The camp will focus on dismantling the key pillar of support of the fossil fuel industry — public and private finance — through targeted campaigning.

/Climate emergency decade/ The camp will task participants to chart campaign goals into short-term strategies (6 months) , medium-term strategies (4 years) and long-term visions (10 years) This is with the understanding that Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change and that this decade is our last fighting chance at keeping global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

Photos from ACLC 2019
Photos: AC Dimatatac
Recruitment guidelines for prospective applicants

ACLC will gather 300 young people between the ages of 18 – 35 (if out of the age range, please consider to apply and we will see if the capacity wise if it fits further) for a 4-day virtual training in August 2020. We highly value diversity, equity and inclusion as well as transparency in this process and have made arrangements in order to ensure equitable and meaningful participation of Asian youth, especially those from historically marginalized groups. We especially encourage prospective applicants who identify as women, LGBTQI+, who have disabilities and who are members of indigenous groups, low-income and/or frontline communities to local fossil fuel projects to apply. We are accepting applications from interested individuals with no prior climate campaigning experience, but this is subject to evaluation.

This application will take about 15 – 30 minutes to complete. All information  collected in this form shall only be used to evaluate applications and will be stored for future program monitoring and evaluation internally. Rest assured that we will never share your data with a third party.

Official decisions about applications will be made by August 3rd. Please expect an email from the team regarding your application status.

To qualify for ACLC, applicants must fulfill these basic requirements. 

  • 18 – 35 years old, resident of any country in the Asia region
  • Basic fluency in English, but live translations may be provided for Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia. Watch this space for updates.
  • Available for the following dates:
    • Pre-ACLC community orientation and tech checks: 6 – 8 PM GMT8 on August 23rd
    • Main sessions: From 11 AM – 5PM GMT8 on Aug 29 – 30 and Sep 5 – 6 (6 hours, with 1 hour break in between)
    • Post-ACLC community debriefing meeting: 6 – 8 PM GMT8 on September 13th.
    • Meetings with country teams, subject for discussion in-country.
  • With stable internet connection* and personal computer / laptop/ tablet / smartphone that can be utilized for four days of the virtual training.

* Prepaid internet subsidies may be provided in the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh, upon consultation with country/region leads. This is subject to availability and approval. If you would need internet subsidies, please answer this application form first and get in touch with [email protected] as soon as possible with the subject ACLC 2020 Subsidy Request.

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