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We are demanding institutions do what is necessary to avert the climate crisis by divesting from fossil fuels.
Together, we are making fossil fuels history.

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We released a kraken in the British Museum

On Sunday, theatrical action group BP or not BP? pulled off our most ambitious performance to date. Two hundred performers – dressed in an amazing variety of home-made ocean-themed costumes – took over the British Museum’s Great Court with an hour-long, multi-act, musical performance to flood the museum’s dirty sponsor, BP, out of the space. (More...)

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WIN: First UK pension fund divests from fossil fuels

Waltham Forest Pension Fund has become the first council scheme in the UK to commit to full divestment! Check out the press release and coverage below for more information… BREAKING: Waltham Forest becomes first UK pension fund to commit to #divest from fossil fuels! Amazing work from @DivestWF! #fossilfree — Fossil Free UK (@FossilFree_UK) (More...)

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Frack Barclays! A ‘How to Guide’ – Join the Webinar

Following the controversial decision to allow the first fracking in 5 years in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, a week of action has been called targeting the companies responsible. This October 24th-29th, people from all across the UK will be taking action against Barclays Bank over their support of the fracking industry, and ownership of Third Energy. (More...)


It’s all kicking off this October!

As Bill McKibben reminded us in his recent visit to the UK, this July was the hottest ever globally since records began. It was a chilling tale of what’s at stake, followed by a clear message that resistance is building. After the relative summer lull, everything is jumping back into action and this October is (More...)


Bill McKibben in London

Last weekend Bill McKibben visited London, 3 years on from the Fossil Free Tour which kicked off the divestment campaign in the UK.  A lot has changed since then and a whole movement has blossomed taking on the fossil fuel industry in our universities, local councils, churches, health organisations, charities and more. To celebrate, we hosted a day (More...)

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Fellowship Stories: Building Resilient Communities In Fairbanks, AK

As a part of the Fossil Free Fellowship, divestment leaders Kengo Nagaoka and Tristan Glowa returned home to Fairbanks, Alaska to send the summer working with the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition. Today Alaska is in a moment of crisis. As the Arctic warms twice as fast as the rest of the world, wildfires, melting permafrost, (More...)


The New 200

They did it again! The smart people at Fossil Free Indexes published the new 2016 Top 200 fossil fuel companies by size of reserves — click The Carbon Underground 200. This is the list used by most divestment campaigns as the point of departure for the discussion of how to define fossil fuels when considering (More...)