RT @FoEScot: Webinar: How can you work with Local Councils to #divest? w/ @FossilFree_UK & @ricjl Details: https://t.co/vDp0GlrE3X
On the day of Trump's inauguration, we will take action to build #bridgesnotwalls. Find a banner drop near you:… https://t.co/4Z5oLTTTRc
RT @350Europe: Louvre Museum comes under pressure over oil and gas sponsorship https://t.co/cCQeZumoVm via @HuffPostBlog
Inspired by @ArtNotOil, a new campaign launches today -- kick @Total out of the @MuseeLouvre! Sign the petition:… https://t.co/gsoIBDrgz7
RT @350Europe: When changing climate & floods threaten @museelouvre's ancient artworks, why keep supporting @total? https://t.co/vGURn94l0A…
It’s @Total-ly irresponsible @MuseeLouvre to partner with fossil fuel industry. Support #FossilFreeCulture: https://t.co/d6zeYQwZ0H #divest
RT @CNN: “Don’t put Exxon in charge of the State Department”: Protester interrupts Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing https://t.co/dbFzQF…
RT @CarolineLucas: Exactly, MPs pension fund letting us all down. Glad we have new @FossilFree_UK campaign. https://t.co/McE95XhzWc https:/…
Big solidarity to the folk in Washington today to #RejectRex! https://t.co/rpEtJS00qm

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