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Divestment campaigns take hold in Norway

Last week we updated you about the successes of other European Fossil Free campaigns, but this week we’ve got a special dispatch from our Norwegian divestment campaign partners, Framtiden.    Here’s the lowdown on the Fossil Fri Penger campaign from Hanne Gustavsen: Pensions progress Earlier this year the Norwegian parliament appointed an expert committee whose mandate (More...)

How Campaigning to Divest From Fossil Fuels Started with a Field of Hungry Bees

Since starting at 350.org as the new US Digital Divestment Campaigner, I keep thinking of one summer afternoon storm two years ago in Eastern Turkey. The sky was a sick orange as ominous dust clouds marched across the Anatolian plateaus. Old nomadic beekeepers, with their faces wrinkled from years of squinting at the horizon sighed (More...)

The Divestment Movement Takes on the NYC $160 Billion Retirement Fund

At $160 billion, the NYC Common Retirement Fund is the third largest pension plan in the country, and it’s heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry. This video illustrates efforts by Fossil Free NYS and local activists to redirect these investments to be more in line with the morals and beliefs of the fire-fighters, teachers, and government employees it (More...)

Methodists Fail to Respond to Grassroots Call for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Despite unprecedented pressure from local churches, the Methodist Conference failed to commit to end its investments in fossil fuels. It announced that it will review its policy, with no decision for at least 12 months. The Methodist Church has investments in fossil fuel companies worth £58 million (2012 figures). Mark Letcher, Vice-Chair of Christian climate (More...)

Quakers Move Their Money to Protect the Planet

This guest post is by Paula Kline of Fossil Free Friends. The Eco-Justice Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting announced today that more than $2 million of assets have been divested from fossil fuels and reinvested in a new Quaker Green Fund offered by Friends Fiduciary Corporation. By doing so, Philadelphia area Friends join a growing (More...)

The Largest College and University Investment Consultant Just Released a New Report on Divestment

A few days ago, Cambridge Associates, which advises 71% of the largest college & university endowments, quietly published a paper about divestment entitled The Fossil Fuel Divestment Discussion. This is their first general statement about the fossil fuel divestment movement, although several individual Cambridge Associate consultants have published their own papers claiming significant costs to (More...)

Unitarians Go Fossil Free!

On Saturday, the Unitarian Universalist Association voted overwhelmingly in favor of fossil fuel divestment. Representing over 1,000 congregations, delegates to the UUA’s General Assembly passed a resolution calling for divestment of the UUA Common Endowment Fund. The resolution was carefully crafted by a committed group of activists known as UU Divest (formally, Unitarian Universalists for (More...)

Big Steps at Western Washington University!

Guest Post from Jenny Godwin, Undergrad at Western Washington University The sun is shining and Divest Western Now’s campaign has had a number of fist pump moments just in the past four days and the buildup itself has lifted our spirits! As we all know, it’s easy to get bogged down in the process – (More...)