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Divestment Updates

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Norway’s divestment is great news. But this is the last moment to be complacent.

Today’s news that the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth (oil)  Fund has divested from a total of 22 companies, potentially totaling billions of dollars in assets, is a huge win for the rapidly growing divestment campaign and should be celebrated. In fact, in terms of amount of money it is likely the biggest divestment decision to date, (More...)

Deutsche Bank catches up with the Divestment Movement (in a rhetorical sense)  

  The Deutsche Bank Research House produces an analysis of the market in magazine form, called Konzept. In their latest issue, dated January 19th, Deutsche Bank published an article titled, “Peak Carbon before Peak Oil.” The article is part Do The Math regurgitation (big bank flavored), part dismal, apocalyptic, forecasting for the fossil fuel industry. (More...)


6 Continents and 1 Incredible Weekend

During our web workshop this week (which if you missed, you can watch here) we had an around the world tour from divestment organizers. I think it’s fair to say we all walked away feeling really excited for Global Divestment Day and all the creative, strategic, and powerful actions coming up. Here is a round-up (More...)

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Why (& How) the PICS Divestment Report Misses the Point

Yesterday the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions released a report criticizing the fossil fuel divestment movement. While the report came a surprise, the arguments didn’t, especially given that they were based more on building a straw man to support the report’s conclusions than actually understanding the movement. At best the report fails to accurately reflect (More...)


Divestment Organizing at Carleton College

The Carleton College divestment movement is on fire! Northfield, MN – Carleton is a liberal arts college of 2,000 students in southern Minnesota.  Its progressive student body has long been active in environmental and social justice is sues.  Students, led by the “Climate Justice Coalition,” and faculty and alumni of “Divest Carleton” have been organizing (More...)

Tune in with Naomi Klein – 28 Jan

Climate change isn’t about carbon, it’s about capitalism.  That’s what author Naomi Klein argues in her powerful new book This Changes Everything . Just two week before Global Divestment Day, join Naomi Klein in conversation with’s Executive Director May Boeve for a global web workshop on 28 January to find out more. Register now (More...)

Chalmers is first Swedish University to divest

Brilliant news, just in. The first Swedish university has announced it is divesting from coal, oil and gas! Chalmers University of Technology has long been a university showing leadership on sustainability – and now they’re selling assets in fossil fuels worth almost 5 million SEK. The Swedish divestment movement is gaining momentum rapidly and making (More...)

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The Great Deflation

Some thoughts and updates on the financial situation as it relates to the Carbon Bubble, and what it means for the divestment movement and divestment campaigns. Not all bubbles pop in the same way – that is, not all bubbles are created equal. We may not see a steep and dramatic drop in the stock (More...)