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Can the Church of England transform the world’s biggest oil companies?

The Church of England is planning to submit shareholder resolutions to BP and Shell in an attempt to influence the ‘climate change strategy’ of the world’s two biggest oil companies. The Church of England has been criticised over the fossil fuel investments in its £9bn investment fund. An ability to influence companies’ behaviour is the recurring argument used (More...)

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What Plummeting Oil Prices Mean for the Divestment Movement

The headlines last week were all about oil prices. You may have seen articles talking about the geopolitical boondoggle the OPEC countries are in. You may of heard speculation about a sluggish economy or how consumers at the pump are jumping for low-price joy. But what does it mean for the divestment movement that crude (More...)

Prettiest divestment demonstration ever

By Cherry Tsoi The excitement in the air was palpable as the crowds gathered in the main square (Stortorget) of Lund, Sweden. Fossil Free LU was preparing for their first event of an entire week’s worth of Divestment Action, and Bill McKibben was to lead the first action. The “Manifestation” showcased an audience lit up (More...)

Hey Norway, here’s a top 200 cheat sheet

An expert panel commissioned by the Norwegian government recommended the country’s sovereign wealth fund – also known as the oil fund – should add a new criterion to its investment guidelines: ‘contribution to climate change’. The report falls short of recommending divestment from fossil fuels and favours ‘active ownership and engagement’. The group proposes that (More...)

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A First look at Global Divestment Day

A year from now, world leaders will gather in Paris to have another shot at securing a global climate deal. Given their far from impressive track record, we’re not taking our chances.  We know that world leaders won’t act in accordance with the urgency of the climate crisis as long as the fossil fuel industry (More...)

Fossil Free CU’s Commitment

–Fossil Free University of Colorado’s response to CU Board of Regents– Last week, things got seismic when Fossil Free CU shook up the South West Divestment Scene. On Wednesday, November 19th, the three campus campaigns, made statements pressing, yet again, for the University of Colorado Board of Regents to divest the over $27 million endowment funds (More...)

Carbon Blind: Lessons from 350Seattle’s Struggle Against a Flawed Divestment Report

By Alex Lenferna A growing number of divestment campaigners have had the experience of fighting against reports from investment advisers which argue against divesting from fossil fuels. Likewise, here in Seattle, where we’ve been working hard to get the Seattle City Employees Retirement System (SCERS) to consider divesting from fossil fuels, our efforts were almost derailed (More...)

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November Divest Digest: Look Out! Divestment Is Spreading Far and Wide

As the month of November comes to a close, the divestment movement expands their reach far and wide. New divestment campaigns are launching across the world, campuses who have received “no” from their administrations one time too many are taking their cases to court, and students in larger numbers than ever are showing up and pressuring everyone (More...)

Case Study Seattle: What is the Consultant Role on a Divestment Decision?

By Brett Fleishman Last Friday, the brilliant campaigners working to divest the city of Seattle’s pension fund, SCERS, received a report from the pensions’ consultant, NEPC, recommending against divestment. Investment consultants have presented a significant barrier for divestment campaigns both on and off campuses with statements about high transaction costs, loss of returns, and limited (More...)