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Diary of an Activist

For anyone who’s ever felt powerless in the face of climate change: do yourself a favor and watch this lovely & wise autobiographical video by NYU Divest activist Costanza Maio. Really, it’s great: (More...)

First College in the Pacific Islands Divests from Fossil Fuels

As another set of uninspiring UN climate negotiations has come to a close in Lima, the first university in the Pacific Islands, the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI), has just voted unanimously to divest from fossil fuel companies. The Republic of the Marshall Islands comprises over 1,000 small, low-lying islands that are home to (More...)

Global Divestment Day

At Northwestern University, baby steps are the key to divestment success

Guest post by Christina Cilento. Christina is a sophomore at Northwestern University studying sustainability and management. She’s been working with DivestNU for a year and a half, where she helps coordinate events, meets with administration and recruits new members. To find out more about DivestNU, visit their website, and “like” the Divest Northwestern page on (More...)

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CSU Chico Commits to Full Divestment of Fossil Fuel Holdings

CA State University Chico COMMITS TO FULL DIVESTMENT OF FOSSIL FUEL HOLDINGS CHICO, CA — On Wednesday, Chico State University showed immense leadership as one of the first public universities in the nation to commit to fully divesting from the top 200 coal, oil and gas companies within four years. The resolution, authored by members of Fossil (More...)

Kangaroos to defeat climate bomb?

By Nicolas Haeringer French bank Société Générale has announced it’s withdrawing from the Alpha Coal mega-coal mine in Australia. This “climate bomb” – an open mine in the Galilee basin (central Queensland) alone would  “produce 6% of the carbon necessary to take the planet past a 2°C temperature rise,” says Bill McKibben.   If the (More...)

Glimpses from Stockholm activities with Bill McKibben

Glimpses from the flashmob by Hanna Leghammar, divestment flashmob organiser in Stockholm Glimpses from the award ceremony by Andreas Jonsson, divestment campaigner in Uppsala THE UMBRELLA FLASHMOB A cold Saturday evening, the Saturday before Advent, environmentalists gathered at Sergels Torg in Stockholm, Sweden. The quiet manifestation attracted passing to pause their pre-Christmas hysteria and curiously (More...)

Who Are The Top Tar Sands Companies?

Big news for the divestment campaign. Fossil Free Indexes, the firm that maintains the “Top 200 Coal, Oil, and Gas Companies” list (The Carbon Underground 200), has produced a list of the top Tar Sands companies – The Carbon Underground Tar Sands 20. Why 20 you ask? For the same reason there are 200 on (More...)

Happy Birthday to Pomona’s Divestment Campaign

Meagan Tokunaga is a member of the Pomona College Divestment Team, Cross-Posted from the Claremont Climate Justice website. Check out great coverage in their student newspaper here: Today the Pomona College Divestment Team celebrated two years of organizing for climate justice, and urged the Trustees to reconsider their previous decision on divestment. The campaign began on this (More...)

Can the Church of England transform the world’s biggest oil companies?

The Church of England is planning to submit shareholder resolutions to BP and Shell in an attempt to influence the ‘climate change strategy’ of the world’s two biggest oil companies. The Church of England has been criticised over the fossil fuel investments in its £9bn investment fund. An ability to influence companies’ behaviour is the recurring argument used (More...)

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