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Dogs for Divestment! The Pets of the People’s Climate March

Today, on September 21, 2014, we witnessed something massive across the planet. Marching together on six continents, we proved that to change everything, we need everyone. And that includes dogs, too. In the coming days, we are going to reflect, celebrate, and take action. News is exploding everywhere about the march and we know the road (More...)

Where is Divestment at the People’s Climate March?

Most of us have never met in person. For months, we’ve seen each other’s names on emails and petitions; we’ve made plans and spoken on the phone. But this weekend, all of that changes. Right now, on this Saturday morning, you might be reading this post from one of the 500 buses driving from Minnesota, (More...)

Historic commitment from Oxford City Council!

Great news – Oxford City Council has passed the first UK council motion in favour of Fossil Fuel divestment! At a meeting of the full Council on July 14, 2014, a motion proposed by Green Party Councillor Craig Simmons was passed, committing the council to make no direct investments in the fossil fuel industry for (More...)

Why Students Plan To #FloodWallStreet for Divestment

On September 22nd, I’m skipping school. At 12:00pm on any normal Monday, I’d be sitting in “The History of Energy” at my small liberal arts school in midcoast Maine, learning about the fossil fuel extraction that got us here and where we’re headed next. The day after the People’s Climate March, however, I’m trading the (More...)

California’s Pension, 55th Largest Fossil Fuel Company in the World

This post was originally written by Brett Fleishman, Senior Analyst at 350.org, with later edits by Jay Carmona, Community Divestment Campaign Manager. California is the 8th Largest Economy in the World, And California’s pension fund is the 55th Largest Fossil Fuel Company in the World. Today, Fossil Free Indexes’ research team published a deep dive (More...)


Vote YES to divestment!

Arnaud Gallois of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) sends giggles through the crowd as he sheds his stuffy suit jacket, proclaiming that he has just divested..And it was easy. Replacing it with a green rain jacket, he says the next big question is about re-investing in the low carbon economy, reiterating that we need (More...)

September 3rd Web Workshop: Divestment as a Solidarity Tactic

August has been a month of big news stories that weigh heavy on our hearts: injustice and unrest in Ferguson, escalating conflict in the Middle East, Ebola outbreaks, droughts, fires, and more. With these pressing social justice issues that need immediate action, divestment might feel like an afterthought. But it’s not. Not at all. For (More...)

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Assesses Divestment and Finds Net Gain

On August 25, 2014, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a white paper acknowledging and analyzing fossil fuel divestment in the world of finance. Fossil Free Campaigner Jay Carmona and Cat Jaffee Digital Divestment Campaigner share their thoughts regarding the white paper and what it means for the Fossil Free divestment movement. From Jay Carmona, Fossil Free (More...)

Churches at the Frontline of Climate Action

Johannes Kapelle has been playing the organ in the Protestant church of Proschim since he was 14. The 78-year-old is actively involved in his community, produces his own solar power and has raised three children with his wife on their farm in Proschim, a small village of 360 inhabitants in Lusatia, Germany. Now the church, (More...)

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