Fossil Free Europe Tour

In October/November 2013, Bill McKibben, the crew, and a wide range of climate leaders hit the road to help build a movement strong enough to change the terrifying maths of the climate crisis.

We’ve visited 5 cities in 3 countries, involving more than 2500 people at our events and more than 5000 (through 43 screenings in 39 countries!) connected to our live streaming of the final event in London.

The Fossil Free Europe Tour hasn’t been a typical lecture series – it included speakers from across social movements, powerful videos, and music from the ground-breaking artist Filastine. We heard stories from student activists, faith campaigners, community leaders, and were joined on video by the likes of author Naomi Klein and former Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

With new (more than 20!) local divestment campaigns started or strengthened as a result of the tour, broad media coverage, and early divestment victories, the Fossil Free Europe campaign has now kicked off and gained momentum.

Now, together, we draw on that momentum to create the biggest mobilization on climate issues our region has ever seen. We want you to join us.

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