Designing Divestment

Show us your divestment-inspired art & graphic design!

We know that no social movement is complete without art and creativity. Catchy visuals have the ability to get your campaign noticed and serve as historical records of all your hard work.

So from now until January 15th we want to see your best divestment inspired artwork! Are you a master illustrator? T-shirt designer? Sticker guru? Submit now by uploading a photo of your work to Facebook and tagging the Fossil Free page (see here if you’re not sure how to do this).

We’ll round up all the submissions and turn the winners into something cool that students everywhere can incorporate into their campaigns.

You can find Fossil Free logos on our resources page. For inspiration, check out some of the art resources over at

Remember, the deadline is January 15th  so you should probably go sharpen your pencils now. Come on, what else were you going to do with your winter break?

Here are some great examples from our friends over at Green Patriot Posters: